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Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Google Unequivocally Violates Your Privcy and You Should Be Concerned.

The Primary Water Story Part One

with Debra Travas and Pal Pauer

Google Exposed User Data, Feared Repercussions of Disclosing to Public

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Daniel Cregg

Prevention of online child sexual abuse 

Man with 2,487 images of child abuse avoids jail term

Daniel Cregg (58), of Edenvale Road, Ranelagh, Dublin. Photo: Collins Courts

Daniel Cregg (58), of Edenvale Road, Ranelagh, Dublin. Photo: Collins Courts

Declan Brennan Thu 5 May 202

A man was found with images and videos of children being sexually abused after his GP reported concerns about him to gardaí, a court has heard.


The EU and its member states work together to effectively fight online child sexual abuse, and to protect victims using safeguarding strategies.

On this page:

Man Found With Child Abuse Images After Gp Reported Him To Gardaí

US-born man caught with 2,487 child abuse images in his Dublin flat avoids jail –

During a psychiatric assessment consultation in 2015 Daniel Cregg (58) expressed child abuse views that were a source of concern for his GP.

Daniel Cregg Exposes Irish Independent Newspaper Breaking EU Law

 Daniel Cregg (58), of Edenvale Road, Ranelagh, Dublin, at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court yesterday (WEDS) where he received a two year suspended sentence for possession of child abuse images. PIC: Collins Courts 4/5/22

Man with 2,487 images of child abuse avoids jail term 


Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz talks about viruses and swine flu.Aajonus Vonderplanitz (April 17, 1947 – August 28, 2013) was an American alternative nutritionist and food-rights activist who focused on raw foods, especially meat and dairy. Especially controversial, he conducted legal battles and implemented legal workarounds for consumer access to raw milk, and developed a diet based largely on raw meat, the Primal Diet.[4][5][6][7] Yet his later years, marked by his allegations of conspiracies and by his infighting within the food-rights community, drew him notoriety even among advocates of alternative healthcare and food rights.
He claimed hospital diagnosis of cancer soon ruled terminal, but experiencing remission via raw carrot juice and raw dairy by age 21. Later, he began informal nutritional counseling. By age 25, he had adopted raw veganism. Yet at age 29, he added raw meat, which he claimed to vastly improve healing. After publication of his first book, We Want to Live, in 1997, he became a leading alternative nutritionist. In September 1986, at age 39, living in a Beverly Hills “slum” while freelancing in nutrition, Vonderplanitz returned to Cincinnati, Ohio.  There, his only child, his son, estranged for about 20 years, had recently been in a severe car wreck, driving, without a seatbelt on, straight into a tree.[29] Vonderplanitz claimed to have sabotaged his son’s conventional medical treatment, in Mercy Hospital‘s intensive-care unit, and used raw foods to awaken and retrieve his comatose son from imminent death, and to reverse his paralysis and brain damage.  Ten years after his son’s recovery, Vonderplanitz recounted the tale in his first book, We Want to Live, first published in 1997 and revised in 2005.
Upon the 1997 release of Vonderplanitz’s first book, Robert Atkins interviewed him, based by then in Malibu, on Atkins’s nationally syndicated radio show. Vonderplanitz had claimed that his own protocol had cured over 200 clients of cancer.[9] In 2000, Vonderplanitz trademarked the name Primal Diet.  Unlike later diets called “primal”,[e] Vonderplanitz’s Primal Diet principally includes raw meat, raw eggs, raw dairy, raw fats, and unheated honey.  In 2002, his other book, the Recipe for Living Without Disease, was published. Nearing 2010, he was still claiming over 90% rate of cancer remission among his clients closely heeding it.  Despite mainstream dismissal, his Primal Diet gained a sizable following.
We Want to Live: Written by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, 1997 Edition, Publisher: Carnelian Pr [Hardcover]
We Want to Live Written by Aajonus Vonderplantz
We Want to Live: Written by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, 1997 Edition, Publisher: Carnelian Pr [Hardcover] This book includes a remedy section listing hundreds of diseases and ailments, with specific foods and combinations of food
We Want to Live: The Primal Diet (2005 Expanded Edition) Hardcover – 16 Sept. 2005
by Aajonus Vonderplanitzs that people have used to cure themselves. Listed is everything from beauty tips, the common cold and infant problems, to aging, muscular dystrophy, HIV and cancer.

We Want to Live

Volume One–Out of the Grips of Disease and Death (the story)
& Volume Two–Healthfully (the facts)

by Aajonus Vonderplanitz
(1997) Carnelian Bay Castle Press.

Review by Kirt Nieft

Copyright © 1998 by Kirt Nieft. All rights reserved.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for permission to republish.

As indicated in the subtitle, the book is divided into two parts. The first is the mother of all conversion/testimonial stories (125 pages worth). The second starts with a 5-page intro by Ron Strauss and is followed by an encyclopedic listing of foods and preparations (23 pages), then on to 90 pages of “food remedies,” and then 10 pages of “health methodologies.” (The “We Want to Live” web page contains the table of contents in more detail.) Finally, there are 33 pages of appendices (A-X) which are not labeled by topic but serve largely as extended footnotes of material from the “testimonial” section.Volume One’s “the story” is told as first-person narrative. The present-tense story starts with a phone call notifying Aajonus (pronounced like “homogenous” without the “hum”) that his long-estranged son has been in a severe auto accident and because of extensive head injuries is not expected to survive the next 24 hours. After stocking up on Californian raw honey, butter, papayas, etc., Aajonus flies out to stay with his son. By stealthfully replacing his son’s medications with raw-food recipes (initially a mixture of raw honey and butter placed under his tongue while he is in a coma) eventually the brain damage is miraculously repaired to a large degree. Along the way he battles with the hospital administration and policies.
We learn through extensive (and somewhat confusing) flashbacks of his own recovery from cancer and of the recovery of others due to his (mostly) successful nutritional counseling, and even hear about an out-of-body near-death experience (also part of his “conversion”) where the tennis shoes he is wearing melt onto the room’s radiator. We are further privy to his conversion to raw animal foods (he had previously been fruitarian/vegan). After being unsuccessfully coached on the benefits of raw meat by Elk-of-the-Black-Moon (the spirit of Black Elk himself?) at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation vision quest (this bit is confined to an appendix for no apparent reason), it takes a pack of wild coyotes to convert him: He has decided to fast to death in the desert instead of returning to a diseased civilization (fruitarians love stuff like this, no? ????
 but the coyotes have other plans for him, eventually killing and offering him a rabbit which he eats, and after which, of course, he is reborn.
This is just the tip of the story’s iceberg, though. We learn not only about his troubled past and the “mandatory” health problems, but also about his teenage parenthood and “divorce,” and in general of his path from angry youth to health-seeker to “raw is law.” And he usually has some sort of detox going on: a poison mushroom took him many years to completely cure from, and an Electro Dermal Screening Device (whatever that might be) provided him ill-effects, including a most dramatic detox of bone epoxy used on his skull during previous surgery for an injury. The bonding with his estranged son, and his interaction with the hospital staff, family, and friends (including half a “pick-up” story about a woman in a health-food store which he never gets back to and finishes!) make the narrative surprisingly readable. In a Reader’s Digest “Drama in Real Life” sort of way. ????
As I’ve said, this is the mother of all testimonial/conversion stories ever put to print. Vonderplanitz’s new-age sensibilities lead to a high-pitched “Awww, come on!” reaction from a fellow like me, but it is a whale of a tale, and one suspects mostly true, or at least believed so by the author, who indeed makes an endearing and humble-humble narrator on such a journey. (Highlight: getting the yogis all revved up for the “pleasures of the flesh” by feeding them a diet of avos and citrus. “Awww, come on!” ????
The section surveying foods, remedies, and therapies is much more troubling, and perhaps ironically much more intriguing to me. I am reminded of Dr. Henry G. Bieler’s Food is Your Best Medicine, Herbert Shelton’s Fasting Can Save Your Life, and most every new-age remedy book I’ve ever seen–all rolled into one, and with a RAF (raw-animal-food) slant to boot! Mr. Vonderplanitz does indeed seem to have a cure/recipe for every affliction from cancer to athlete’s foot, but at the same time he is big on following your intuition/craving/instinct–and that what works for one will not for another. His “theoretical explanations” are at once intriguing and head-slapping. Can you figure out which parts of the examples below are which to this reviewer?

The thought of delicious, heavily buttered garlic bread came to mind. I knew it was instinct, my body telling me what is needed to raise my blood pressure. I went back into my apartment and ate a raw clove of garlic with French bread and lots of unsalted butter. Within moments I felt better, satisfied. I decided from that moment on that at least 70% of my diet would consist of raw foods. (p. 48)
Fat resins and residues from cooked or processed green foods first collect in the intestines, becoming impacted. Secondly, they collect as gummy resins in the glands (as in prostatitis, leading to prostate cancer), and thirdly, they collect as gummy resins in the brain (as in Alzheimer’s disease).
The resins and residues from cooked or processed red fruits and vegetables most often collect in the lymph and skin, causing acne, sickly-looking tongues, hard and brittle bones, and deep lesions in the skin when the weather turns cold….
People who lack the enzyme-mutations for digesting, assimilating, and utilizing cooked or processed yellow foods most often look pasty around the nose and eyes, and have very slow digestion, especially after eating a cooked or processed yellow or orange food.
People who lack enzyme-mutations for eating all three food groups–cooked or processed green, red (including orange) and yellow (including orange)–have a predisposition toward HIV positive.” (pp. 136-137)
It is believed that whole raw eggs should not be eaten because albumin in egg white binds with biotin (part of the B-complex) in the body, causing side-effects. Egg yolk contains plenty of biotin to be utilized with albumin in egg white. The albumin/biotin combination is helpful because it helps to dissolve biocarbons and helps muscles retain carbohydrates. Whole raw eggs contain a wonderful, natural balance when eaten in a normal diet (whether the diet is raw or not).
In my experience with animals including human, who ate only the yolk and not the white (along with other foods on a raw diet), metabolism was considerably increased, usually withOUT increasing energy. The side-effects were that often hunger increased to a frenzy and dispositions tended to be irritable. It has been my experience in every case and condition that eating the whole raw egg was more nourishing, and better for metabolic and emotional balance. (p. 146)

And so on. His theoretical explanations (a la
 Bieler’s, and beyond!) seem like wholesale additions to modern nutritional myth and folklore. The lack of references (or intellectual humility, for that matter) severely limits his explanations, to my mind. Yet, given the paucity of info/experience of folks eating RAF over the long term, I am bound by curiosity to his experiences consuming large amounts of RAF, and his “clients” doing the same.
For anyone with the slightest interest in RAF, We Want To Live is almost must reading, but I would hope that any reader would be skeptical of the claims and explanations (and further hope that you don’t become a “raw butter mixed with raw honey” junkie!, though there are worse addictions in this world to be sure ????
 A non-instincto take on RAF is always interesting to someone like me who is steeped in instincto lore. Ronald Schmid’s Native Nutrition is far more informative and well-written, but lacks any of the first-person stuff in We Want To Live. But in such a paltry arena as RAF, beggars can’t be choosers as far as the books they might read. And there are many who prefer the testimonial approach much more than I do.
Mr. Vonderplanitz is reportedly a very polished speaker, and with his impressive physique (never works out, of course ????
 and commanding presence is very persuasive in the few public appearances he has given so far. But, if he expects to be taken at all seriously, he will need to document his claims, be much more specific in his methodology (if there exist any specifics to his methodology), and back way off with his naive “theoretical explanations.”
Smooth talk and a likeable presence are probably enough for the uncritical minds of most folks into fringe diets–and Mr. Vonderplanitz is almost assured a small fringe following. But if he hopes to impress the mainstream (or get any attention from serious researchers) with the importance of his approach, he will have to provide documentation along with anecdote. He will have to provide a verifiable methodology as well as a winning smile.
For more on Aajonus Vonderplanitz and his approach to eating and health, see the “We Want to Live”
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Recipe for Living Without Disease Written by Aajonus Vonderplantz
The Recipe For Living Without Disease contains all of the basic dietary information that has helped thousands improve their health and reverse disease. Indeed it has proved to be a recipe to achieve living without disease
The Recipe for Living Without Disease


Wall Street Journal

By Douglas MacMillan and Robert McMillanOctober 8, 2018

Google opted not to disclose to users its discovery of a bug that gave outside developers access to private data. It found no evidence of misuse.

PeakOil-Movie Review-of_MIkeRupertsFilm_Collapse.P.3

Peak Oil Review of MIke Ruperts Film Collapse P.3

Google exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of users of the Google+ social network and then opted not to disclose the issue this past spring, in part because of fears that doing so would draw regulatory scrutiny and cause reputational damage, according to people briefed on the incident and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

As part of its response to the incident, the Alphabet Inc. unit on Monday announced a sweeping set of data privacy measures that include permanently shutting down all consumer functionality of Google+. The move effectively puts the final nail in the coffin of a product that was launched in 2011 to challenge Facebook Inc. and is widely seen as one of Google’s biggest failures.

A software glitch in the social site gave outside developers potential access to private Google+ profile data between 2015 and March 2018, when internal investigators discovered and fixed the issue, according to the documents and people briefed on the incident. A memo reviewed by the Journal prepared by Google’s legal and policy staff and shared with senior executives warned that disclosing the incident would likely trigger “immediate regulatory interest” and invite comparisons to Facebook’s leak of user information to data firm Cambridge Analytica.

Chief Executive Sundar Pichai was briefed on the plan not to notify users after an internal committee had reached that decision, the people said.

The closure of Google+ is part of a broader review of privacy practices by Google that has determined the company needs tighter controls on several major products, the people said. In its announcement Monday, the company said it is curtailing the access it gives outside developers to user data on Android smartphones and Gmail.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act”. -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Google Advertising Revenue Is Under Major Threat In Australia

Earlier this month a court in Australia reversed a lower court’s decision and ruled that the ads Google allows to run on its search engine are “misleading and deceptive”.

After this ruling by the Federal Court, Google was caught completely off-guard (typical Google arrogance of course) and they definitely were not expecting it to go in that direction. It also extremely worries Google and could set a threatening precedent to their business model. Google is concerned that the Australian court’s decision could be copied by other courts in different countries and it will hurt their bottom line. Google’s ad revenue is worth hundreds of millions of dollars in Australia alone.

Google will fight the court’s decision tooth and nail to avoid this from spreading and to make sure their money-making machine is protected. The company has less than 14 days to appeal the decision to a High Court. What Google is most concerned about is protecting their money and not making sure that their users are protected. This isn’t the first time that the company has gotten themselves in deep trouble over their ad business. The US government forced Google to pay up half a billion dollars for aiding and abetting a con artist commit his crimes (I will post an update story on this soon ,which I forgot to post).

The point is that Google has repeatedly shown that they are willing to accept money from every advertiser, every company, and even criminals if they can get away with it. They obviously have very little ethics and I sure wouldn’t trust them. Be careful clicking on those ads.

This Australian legal battle against Google is a very interesting one to watch. ABC News in Australia did a fantastic report on this story. The video is below and if you want to read the transcript, you can go to their website

August 1 — December 1

Forbes: 6 Months Later and Google Plus Still Sucks

According to a writer for Forbes named Paul Tassi, Google’s latest attempt at social networking is still a failure. Mr. Tassi wrote about his dissatisfaction using Google Plus last year and he received some criticism from loyal diehards of the site – although most people would agree with Mr. Tassi’s observation that the site…well, sucks.

The Wall Street Journal a little while ago published an article claiming that the site is a virtual “ghost town” and users only spent like 3 minutes on the site per month. Of course Google denies this and released vague numbers to contradict any negative publicity.

Anyway, Mr. Tassi gave Google Plus some more time and a second chance to prove itself. He published another article today and he says that Google’s social networking site still doesn’t impress him. He wrote:

“…but I thought now was the time to revisit my thoughts on the site, quite a bit down the road. Over half a year has gone by since then. I’ve posted nearly every day to my G+ page, and have engaged others in conversation about many a topic… I still do not believe Google Plus is the social network it needs to be, nor do I believe it will ever pose a significant threat to Facebook in its current form.”

Mr. Tassi says that none of his friends use Google Plus and don’t seem like they ever will. His friends are using several other social media on the Web, including the red-hot Pinterest which I’m hearing a lot about lately. I think I remember reading someplace that Pinterest is credited for giving websites much of their referral traffic – far exceeding Google Plus.

Mr. Tassi believes that Google Plus appeals to a “niche community” of tech geeks and people who are in certain industries that find the site useful in connecting with the general public versus connecting with friends. Google Plus isn’t really a place you go if you want to connect with your close friends. He says that Google Plus is full of strangers who don’t comment much or engage with the site often. So even though he believes Google Plus isn’t necessarily a “ghost town” based on how you look at the numbers, it sure does give off the feeling that it’s empty and cold.

 I have posted an article on my blog calling Google Plus “pretentious” once. I actually think Google sells its social networking site as being a high-brow version of Facebook – as if Facebook is that place common folks exchange frivolous things with one another while Google Plus folks share more meaningful material. It’s typical Google arrogance.

Google’s social networking site does not look like it will get any better any time soon or ever. It’s been around for a long time now and the company has huge expectations for the site. Google desperately wants to see its struggling social networking site grow and become a success, there is a lot weighing on it. Yet even with so much invested in the site, Google cannot seem to win.

To read Paul Tassi’s full article, please click here

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APR 16 2012


Peak Oil Movie Review of MIke Ruperts Film Collapse P.3


October 1 — December 1

Darpa_60Mins_Development-of-MRNATechnology_To_CreateCovid19Vaccines_p1 – 1of12
Darpa 60Mins Development of mRNA Technology To Create -Covid-19 Vaccines P1 – 1 of 12
Darpa 60 Mins Development of mRNA Technology To Create Covid-19 Vaccines P1 – 2 of 12
Darpa_60Mins_Development-of-MRNA Technology To Create Covid-19 Vaccines P1 – 3 of 12
Darpa 60 Mins Development of mRNA Technology To Create Covid-19 Vaccines P.1 – 4 of 12
Mike Rupert Exposes CIA Selling Drugs Part 1
Mike Rupert Exposes CIA Selling Drugs Part 8… Bill Gates is exposed as a CIA Operative with the CIA using Microsoft as a way of laundering the CIA Illegal Drug Income, which is then funneled into paying for the development of Vaccines and the fund WH0 etc.

Victim Of Brutal Beating Says She Is “Afraid” of Google Executive’s Family.


There is disturbing bombshell news that has been exposed the other day and it involves a major employee of Google. Marissa Mayer has been with Google since the very early days of the company, she is often said to be the 20th employee of Google. As one of the very first employees of Google, Marissa knows a lot about Google and she is deeply embedded in this company. Her current job title is Vice President of Local, Maps, and Location services.

Marissa became a very wealthy woman after Google became a public company in 2004. She is often seen as the public face of Google itself. You see her everywhere doing all sorts of different interviews with newspapers and even on television programs like the Martha Stewart Show. She has become somewhat of a celebrity and a spokeswoman for Google. The company uses her bright smile and photogenic looks to give itself an attractive public image.

However, Google might want to keep Marissa out of the spotlight for awhile – perhaps never again. The innocent looking and charming woman Google used as the public face of the company is part of a family that isn’t so attractive.

Now, I have written here before that this blog doesn’t focus on tabloid topics or personal issues, but this particular case involving the Mayer family is different. I don’t like gossipy, irrelevant, and frivolous stuff – but I will focus on criminal activity that has strong connections to Google.

The younger brother of Marissa, Mason Mayer, has been accused of three felonies: assault, false imprisonment and domestic violence. He allegedly brutally beat his girlfriend, Kelli Ann Trent, after a night out back in September 2011. We are learning about this now because The San Francisco Appeal newspaper investigated this case and published their findings yesterday.

Alright – so here’s what happened, according to court documents obtained by the newspaper. An affidavit submitted by San Francisco Police Department Inspector Michael Becker, details exactly what allegedly happened between Mason Mayer and his girlfriend:

On the evening of September 24, Mason and Kelli were getting ready to go to a party. They were at Mason’s condo residence at the time. Prior to the leaving to go to the party, they had an argument over a woman – who Mason allegedly cheated with – attending the party too.

The couple went to the party but there was still tension between them. According to the court document, Mason angrily accused a bartender of hitting on his girlfriend. He also became angry at Kelli Ann Trent for speaking with Marissa Mayer’s husband. Mason apparently “dislikes” his brother-in-law for some reason.

The couple left the party and went back home to Mason’s condo residence. While walking through the building hallway, Mason shoved Kelli. He then took her inside the residence, locked her in his bedroom, and then threw Kelli on the floor of the bedroom.

Mason began spitting in the face of his girlfriend, pulling her hair out, and he slammed her head against the marble bedroom floor. Kelli was in agony and in the fetal position trying to protect herself. Mason repeatedly punched her in the face, while Kelli struggled to get away. He told her that the only way she was going to get out of the beating was by driving her to the Golden Gate Bridge and throwing her off it.

Luckily for Kelli, before things could get any worse, Mason’s cell phone started ringing. It was a friend of the couple who was calling to ask to pick up his personal items from the condo. While on the phone, Kelli screamed for help.

The friend eventually arrived at the condo residence and Mason answered the front door to let him in. Kelli ran out of the bedroom hysterical and crying out for help. Mason grabbed her and wouldn’t let her go. The friend asked Mason to let her go but he refused. The friend said that he would call the police if he didn’t let her go. After Mason finally agreed to let Kelli go, she went back into the bedroom to retrieve her bag.

But Mason followed her back into the bedroom and locked the door shut again. The friend decided to stay the night at the condo to make sure nothing bad happened. The next morning, Kelli got up and she noticed all the injuries to her body.

Kelli eventually went to the police to report what happened to her. The 33-year-old Mason Mayer was arrested by police on November 28, 2011. In January a judge ordered Mason to stay away from Kelli. He has pleaded not guilty – but if found guilty he faces a maximum four years and eight months in state prison. Mason Mayer has a pretrial conference in a Superior Court on April 18th, 2012.

This is all so disturbing and vile. I need a shower after reading the court documents and seeing the injuries on the alleged victim. Mason Mayer is apparently very close to his famous sister and lives off her success. According to The San Francisco Appeal newspaper, Mason lives in the same luxury building as his sister and he was never worked since his sister struck it rich working at Google.

Just keep this in mind: these are the type of people you entrust your personal information with when you use Google. I certainly wouldn’t want people like Mason Mayer and his executive sister anywhere near my personal data. Knowing about the ethics and morals of the people who handle very sensitive data about you is so important.

 If I don’t trust you, I will not do business with you – ever.


I wrote another article on this story with more details – click here

For more information:

The Francisco Appeal, “Brother of Google Executive Marissa Mayer Facing Charges…” – click here

SFGate, “Google executive’s brother accused of domestic attack” – click hereTaggedAbuseCourtCriminalDisturbingGolden Gate BridgeGoogleMarissa MayerMason MayerMoralsTrustWomen

Federal Agency Fines Google $25,000 “Deliberately” Impeding Investigation

It was reported yesterday that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined Google $25,000 for not cooperating with an investigation over Google’s massive invasion of privacy involving its Street View service.

The FCC said that Google “deliberately impeded and delayed” its investigation. Google made it very difficult for investigators to gain access to employees and hid important evidence. Google did not answer emails and the company even tried to hide the identities of the employees involved in the privacy violations from two years ago.

In 2010, Google’s Street View cars collected very private information from unencrypted home computers. When Google was caught doing this it apologized and said that it didn’t deliberately try to capture private data. Soon after the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigated and sided with Google’s explanation that it was a mistake. Although the US didn’t take the massive privacy violation seriously, European countries were more concerned.

Now the FCC has come out and exposed Google’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation. This is really embarrassing for a company that claims it’s so transparent about everything it does and is cooperative with regulators. This is not the first regulators have complained about Google’s secrecy, arrogance, and unwillingness to cooperate with investigations. The French data protection agency currently investigating Google’s new privacy policy said that Google neglected to contact them before implementing their controversial and intrusive privacy policy.

The $25,000 Google is now forced to pay will do nothing to the company’s bottom line. Google raked in about $40 billion last year. Over 90% of Google’s revenues come from advertising – this means that Google makes money by selling your personal data to advertisers. This is the reason Google consolidated their privacy policies into a singular policy – it makes it easier for the company to figure you out and it’s more profitable. A Google spokesman said that the company is on a mission to combat against “the faceless Web”.

Google paying a $25,000 fine is like an average person paying a one cent fine – but don’t get too hung up on the amount of that fine. The biggest hit Google received from this new report by the FCC is its reputation. Most people think way too highly of this company and if more reports like this come out to expose Google’s dirt then the better it will be for the general public.

I love what Christina DesMarais, PCWorld, wrote in her article:

“…if Google’s uncooperative behavior is true as the FCC maintains, the obvious question is, ‘What is Google hiding?’ Consumers and advocacy groups have often criticized Google’s seemingly insatiable appetite for personal information, such as its recent consolidation of its privacy policies so as to have a better view into user behaviors and preferences. Because of the amount of attention those privacy concerns have garnered, you’d think a policy of transparency on Google’s part would bode well with those who have doubts about whether or not the company can be trusted with increasing amounts of personal data.”

Things that make you go hmmm…

For more information:

The New York Times, “Google Is Faulted for Impeding U.S. Inquiry on Data Collection” – click here

PCWorld, “Google Hit With $25K Fine, But FCC Finds Street View Data Collection Not Illegal” – click here

CNET, “FCC nails Google with $25K fine for dragging heels in StreetView probe” – click here

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Three years ago, The New York Times published an article titled “Putting a Bolder Face on Google” and it’s a fantastic read. It focuses on Marissa and really let’s you know more about her character. Here are some interesting quotes about her in the article:

“Mayer, who is Google Employee No. 20…A popular guest on TV news programs and talk shows, a Google-booster often quoted in print, and a rapid-fire presence on San Francisco’s social scene, she is the rare executive who has become — at least in the sometimes cloistered world of computer geeks — a celebrity”

“Ms. Mayer, 33, plays a pivotal, serious role at Google…She is one of the few Googlers with unfettered access to and influence over Mr. Brin and Mr. Page”

A 2009 article described her as “the best known Google executive outside the search engine’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, and its billionaire founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin”

Ms. Mayer has even dated the current Google CEO Larry Page at one point. This is a woman very much part of the identity of Google and a recognizable face of the company.

I’m leaving you a video of her on the Martha Stewart show

Embarrassing Apples Is Responsible For The Vast Majority of Google’s Mobile Revenue

There are new revelations about the health of Google’s mobile business and it looks like Google is in really bad shape. Thanks to documents submitted in the legal battle between Google and Oracle over patents, the public gets a new look at exactly how well Google’s Android is performing.

Google is secretive about letting the public know about how much revenue Android brings in – but now we know that Android actually doesn’t make much money for Google at all. Google’s overall 2011 revenues totaled about $40 billion and much of that is from ads from search results on desktop computers. Very little of Google’s overall revenues is from mobile.

According to The Guardian, Android generated less than $550 million between 2008 and 2011 – pitiful. Google produces the Android software which it then gives away for free to handset makers to sell. Google makes its money from ad revenue on the mobile devices and from applications on Google Play (formerly known as Android Market), which is doing extremely poorly compared to Apple’s App store.

Here is where it gets particularly interesting – Google actually makes more money from Apple’s mobile devices than it does from its own Android powered smartphones! Now isn’t that hilarious, ha-ha, especially considering the recent bad blood between Google and Apple.

Apple is responsible for generating more than four times as much revenue for Google! This is because at least half of all smartphone owners use an Apple device and Google is the default search engine. Apple also extensively used Google Maps – but as recently told Google to get lost and is now using a mixture of its own acquired mapping technology and free crowdsourced mapping.

Who knew that Apple had such a big role in Google’s mobile business?

Majority of Google’s mobile traffic can be credited to Apple. Google should be grateful to Apple for being so helpful, but Google treats Apple like crap. Google expressed its gratitude to Apple by trying to impose itself into Apple’s territory, which infuriated Apple.

What did Apple do as payback?

Apple no longer extensively uses Google Maps, Apple added other search engines as alternative options to Google’s, and Apple appears to be ditching Google altogether in China (a huge and attractive market). And we all know about how Apple set its Safari Web browser default to automatically block third-party tracking cookies  – however, it was exposed last month that Google illegally circumvented this security feature, but is now facing countless lawsuits from Apple users.

Psst…hey Google…don’t bite that hand that feeds you.

For more information:

The Guardian, “Google’s Android has generated just $550m since 2008, figures suggest” – click here

AppleInsider, “Google earns 80% of its mobile revenue from iOS, just 20% from Android” – click hereTaggedAndroidAppleChinaGoogleGuardianMapsMobileRevenueRivalsSafariSmartphoneTechnology

Google Enjoy Too Much Media Cove Rage

I have made the claim that the media doesn’t give Google enough scrutiny and that the company often gets underserved favorable press. This is a major reason I started this blog in the first place, so that the average person out there can see what Google is really all about.

I remember seeing articles recently claiming that Google currently has the best reputation among any company in America. This is very disturbing considering all the sordid details I have been posting about Google’s lack of privacy, their pitiful ethics, their lies, the incessant lawsuits, and even criminal investigations. It’s disappointing and saddening that so many Americans put so much trust in this company – it just leaves me shaking my head and I think to myself “if only they knew better”.

I came across three really great articles comparing Google to Microsoft. I want to share these articles with you, but please don’t view this as me trying to sell Microsoft to you. I’m just using the articles to illustrate media bias and to show you how much Google has changed over the years.

The article published by InfoWorld’s J. Peter Bruzzese is excellent and lays out evidence to argue that the media unfairly bashes Microsoft way too often while Google’s errors are conveniently overlooked. He writes,

“I’ve noticed an unfair, ongoing trend: If Microsoft does something a little off, it gets bashed into the ground for it. But if Google… missteps, it generally gets mild reprimands and even support from the media and those drinking the Kool-Aid.”

Ever since I started this blog earlier this year I have been reading about the comparisons people are making between Microsoft and Google. These comparisons argue that Google has really changed for the worse over the years. As some of you probably already know, Google’s infamous unofficial motto is “don’t be evil”. In the early idealistic days of Google the company didn’t want to be like other established tech giants (i.e. Microsoft) because they perceived them as representing negativity and as being old-fashioned. But now people are starting to notice that little ol’ Google ain’t all that different from Microsoft – actually, some argue, that Google is worse now.

The article published by Forbes gives you 7 similarities between Google and Microsoft – perhaps now the pot should stop calling the kettle black– to read the Forbes article, please click here.

Finally, a very interesting article appeared on The Daily Beast website by Dan Lyons. The author spent 30 days using nothing but Microsoft products to compare it with Google’s products. He wanted to see if Microsoft can win him over and if Google’s products are really worth keeping. To find out what he concluded you gotta read the full article for yourself – click here

Google is currently enjoying much of the general public’s trust– but what is most hopeful is that this is slowly changing. As more people become knowledgeable and fed-up with Google’s antics, their arrogance, their invasion on our privacy, and other wrongdoings we will finally see Google fall off its throne. As any good business person will tell you, the most important thing in business is rightfully earning the trust and admiration of the public – once you lose this you’ve lost everything.


October 1 — December 1


Google’s top woman has been nominated to serve on the board of Walmart. The massive retailer corporation made the announcement today that Marissa Mayer could potentially take the board’s 16th spot.

And yes, it’s that same Marissa Mayer…you know…the same high-profile Google executive whose brother allegedly brutally beat up his girlfriend and threatened to throw her off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge…

At only 36, Ms. Mayer will be the youngest person on the board if elected at the company’s shareholder’s meeting on June 1st. I was reading through different articles about her nomination to board, many questioned whether she is the right fit for the company’s board. She doesn’t really have much experience outside of Google, if any at all. She was hired at Google straight out of graduate school in 1999 and shuffled around at that Google ever since.

Is she a one-hit wonder? Can her leadership skills at Google translate over to other companies that operate in a completely different way? Walmart seems to think that she can be useful in helping them with their online services. Google benefits from learning about how a retail giant does business.

Anyway, it’s interesting news and I thought it is worth posting. She said this in a statement:

“I have long been a customer and admirer of the company. Walmart is an amazing story of entrepreneurship and, as one of the world’s most powerful brands, touches millions of lives every day. I look forward to contributing to Walmart’s continued growth, success, and innovation in the years to come”

And according to Forbes, she also serves on the boards of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Ballet, the New York City Ballet and the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

For more information:

The Register, “Google’s top female cheese nominated to serve on Walmart board” – click here

Wall Street Journal, “Wal-Mart Taps Google’s Marissa Mayer for Board Seat” – click here

Forbes, “Wal-Mart Names Google’s Marissa Mayer To Its Board” – click here

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Google Executive’s Family Allegedly Made Life Of Abuse Victim A Living Nightmare.

Last month I published an article titled “Victim of Brutal Beating Says She’s ‘Afraid’ of Google Executive’s Family”. It was one of the most read and commented on posts I’ve published on my blog. I received great feedback and the vast majority of readers appreciate knowing about this disturbing story involving a major Google executive’s family. If you haven’t already read that article please do so before reading this one – click here

After I posted my article I received an email from a person who said they wanted to set the record straight about what happened to Mason Mayer’s alleged victim, Kelli Trent. This person told me that they were troubled by false information being spread around and asked for my assistance in having Kelli’s side of the story told.

This person told me lots of information about the Mayer family and the dysfunctional relationship between Mason Mayer and Kelli Trent. This person has politely asked that I not reveal their identity and so I have decided to respect their privacy. I will simply refer to this person as my “source” from this point on.

The information my source revealed to me is disturbing, to say the least. It will give you a greater sense of what happened before the night of the alleged abuse and what took place after that night.

Kelli Trent is an intelligent and hardworking young woman. She moved to San Francisco back in 2005 after completing college and has been consistently employed ever since. Her friends describe her as being very generous and she always tries to help out any way she could. My source wanted to point out that Kelli comes from “a decent amount of wealth herself” and that she often pays for the needs of loved ones without hesitation. She has held some jobs in banking and she even recently tried her hand in a startup company.

Kelli and Mason met back in early February 2011 on his birthday and they started dating immediately after that. Their relationship was very brief but even in that short time it was plagued with serious problems. My source alleges that Mason had been controlling and abusive toward Kelli on numerous occasions.

Mason had not lived in San Francisco for that long. He moved from Minneapolis in the fall of 2010 after his famous sister, Google executive Marissa Mayer, allowed him to live in her penthouse condo. My source alleges that the reason behind Mason’s move is due to him getting in legal trouble in Minneapolis after abusing a “rebound” girlfriend. Marissa apparently wanted to keep him away from “psycho girls” and moved him close to her. Mason and his ex-wife, Kara Mayer, divorced in July 2010.

After he moved to San Francisco and started dating Kelli everything was fine for the first few months. My source alleges that the abuse on Kelli actually began in May after she wanted to leave the relationship. The source showed me a photo of Kelli taken in May with a badly bruised inner arm. The source also alleges that a few days before the night of September 24th Kelli and Mason were at a gym and he didn’t like the way she was interacting with men. He allegedly threw her belongings around and got physically aggressive with her.

Finally the abuse escalated to what took place on night of September 24th. Kelli not only suffered physical injuries but she also sustained a concussion, was disoriented, and had fainting spells. After this incident, she took photographs of her injuries and sent them to Mason’s parents and Marissa was soon notified. My source claims that Kelli was shown little respect by the Mayer family and that they never asked if she was okay. Kelli demanded that Mason get help and the Mayer family came up with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and therapy sessions – which Mason began two days after the family was notified.

The source claims that Kelli was never offered any financial assistance for her medical needs or for her therapy sessions, which she was badly in need of. Kelli pretty much had to suffer alone and isolated herself in the apartment she shared with a roommate. She didn’t go out much since the beating and only confided in a few close friends.

The source says that soon after, in early October, the Mayer family booked Mason a trip on a European holiday for two weeks, which Kelli took as being insensitive and an insult to her. The source says that the Mayer family neglected to understand the magnitude of the problems between Kelli and Mason. The family also didn’t hold Mason accountable for anything. This is when Kelli was starting to realize that she wanted out of the relationship and was pretty much done protecting the Mayer family.

Sadly, while the Mayer family was off on their European holiday, Kelli’s grandmother passed away. After hearing about her loss, she left to go to Tennessee to be with her family. While with her family, the source claims that Mason phone called Kelli and told her that she was not invited to the Mayer family pumpkin carving party. Marissa allegedly did not want Kelli at the party, which Kelli took as a slap in the face. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and Kelli finally knew she was done with the relationship with Mason and done with the Mayer family.

Kelli came back to San Francisco on October 30th and Mason was at the airport to pick her up. This is when Kelli broke up with him. The source alleges that Mason was infuriated by this and showed up later in the day to Kelli’s apartment threatening to release nude photos of her and allegedly vowed to smear her reputation. Mason then took the witness of the September 24th beating to the family party.

On November 11th Kelli went to the police to report everything that happened to her. Keep in mind that Kelli and Mason were not together often since the night of September 24th and up until the day she finally reported the alleged abuse to the police. My source says that it took Kelli awhile to come to the realization that she desperately needed to leave the relationship for good. This is consistent with many victims of domestic abuse who feel like they can change their partner’s ways if they just stay in long enough and are often too afraid to leave.

Soon after a warrant was issued while Mason and the rest of the Mayer family were on their annual Thanksgiving holiday in Hawaii.

The source claims that this is when the campaign to discredit Kelli began and her reputation was torn to pieces. Kelli had her life investigated as Mason’s legal team started subpoenaing texts messages, called her former employers, contacted her ex-boyfriends, etc. The source claims that Kelli depends on a good reputation to secure jobs but obtaining employment in her field has become nearly impossible and that her life is in shatters.

The source described to me one incident in January when Kelli was asked to interview at a company event hosted at Founders Den – this is the workplace of Marissa Mayer’s husband, Zack Bogue. Kelli was in the middle of an interview at the event when suddenly Zack allegedly tapped Kelli on the shoulder and loudly told her to get out. Needless to say, Kelli was thoroughly shaken and embarrassed. She promptly left without finishing her interview. My source points out that Kelli had a stay-away order at the time which specified that any third parties related to Mason are not allowed to directly contact Kelli in any way, “so Zack had no right to speak to her that night”.

Kelli has now left San Francisco. This is a woman who depended on her networking capabilities to get jobs but life is harder for her now. The source says that Kelli never wanted to have all this trouble surrounding her – Kelli fell into a brief and tumultuous relationship with Mason which is a mistake she thoroughly regrets.

While Kelli has been suffering for the past 6 months – Mason has gone on holidays and he’s attended several San Francisco society events (thanks to his sister Marissa) such as the opening of a ballet and a Midwinter Gala. The source claims that Mason owns shares in Google, gifted to him by Marissa, and was invited to an exclusive Google company event featuring Lady Gaga back in March 2011. My source finds it revolting that Mason was being “flaunted” around by his family even after they knew what he did to Kelli.

Kelli has not retained a lawyer and is being represented by a District Attorney. The pretrial conference had been postponed three times since January and is now scheduled for April 18th – if found guilty Mason faces a maximum of four years and eight months in state prison.

Disclaimer: Everything in this post should not be taken as fact. They’re allegations described to me by the source and it’s from their point of view of what occurred. There are many sides to everything and this is just one. If there are any issues you have with anything written in this post please email me.

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Eric Hague: Dear Google User….

Eric Hague is a humor writer – a funny letter he wrote pretending to be a member of Google’s privacy team was published by The Wall Street Journal today.

Google seems to think it knows what is best for us, knows everything about us, and is smarter than us – the amusing piece by Mr. Hague has a little fun with all that.

Head on over to The Wall Street Journal and read the full letter titled “Dear Google User: We’re Sure You’re Going to Love This” – click hereTaggedBig BrotherEric HagueFunGoogleHumorPrivacyTechnologyWall Street Journal


Apple Makes Business More Difficult For Google in China

It is being reported that Apple will be ditching Google in China and replacing it with Baidu as the default search engine. Baidu is the dominant search engine provider in China with a market share estimated at 78%, while Google doesn’t even come close to that number.

Apple’s new operating system will integrate various popular Chinese Internet services – this will make it more attractive for consumers. This will further weaken Google in China, which is a huge loss for the company because the Chinese market is a very attractive one. Apple is making it even more difficult for Google to get its foot in the door. Apple also plans to ditch Google as the default search engine on mobile devices in China.

Recently, it was also reported that Apple ditched Google Maps and is now using a free crowdsourcing mapping service for its mobile devices. It looks like the battle between Apple and Google is getting even more intense and Google is losing.

For more information:

ITProPortal, “Apple To Replace Google With Baidu For The Chinese Market” – click here

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Google Plus Ad Campaign Is Boring and Fails To Promote Strugging Website

Google really doesn’t “get” social. It seems to me that they lack the ability to understand how people want to connect and how they interact. Google executives like Marissa Mayer have admitted that Google has fallen behind in the social aspect of the Web and they are desperately trying to play catch-up.

Well, today Google UK uploaded a video on YouTube advertising the company’s social networking site called Google Plus. The campaign to get more people to use Google Plus doesn’t impress me much. Their video is titled “Google+: Tom” and it shows a man going through life on Google Plus. We see the man add his wife to his circles, it then shows the couple’s newborn child, and other significant moments in life. The video ends with a future look at the aged man as he reminisces about his youth with his friends in a video chat.

Sorry, but the video is so dumb.

I find it so pretentious, over-the-top, and confusing. I don’t like how the video doesn’t show the consistent and linear progression of the man’s life. In my first passive viewing of the video I got confused about whose life was being shared – the dad or the child? When it switches from the little boy in the green school uniform to the prom scene, I thought it was the little boy grown up ha-ha…but it was actually the dad.

I had to take a closer second viewing of the video to catch the stuff I missed.

Afterwards the narrator goes on about being a solider, being in a cannon, being a Justice, and a wise soul ha-ha. It finally ends with a corny aged look of the man with his friends, and he then adds his grandchild to his circles.

I know what this video is trying to be, but I don’t think it successfully accomplished it. It doesn’t pull on the heartstrings, it doesn’t excite me, and it doesn’t make me want to use Google Plus. I don’t think the video is mainstream enough and, quite frankly, it’s boring.

Also, I really don’t want Google keeping decades of personal data of my life  “well saved” on Google Plus. No thanks!


Facebook has hit another important milestone in South America. Things are looking very promising in Brazil where the social networking giant is improving rapidly. Just this past January it was reported that Facebook is now the dominant social networking site in Brazil, beating Google’s now struggling Orkut.

And now – Experian Hitwise, a digital intelligence tool, is reporting that Facebook has surpassed all of Google’s properties to become the most visited site in Brazil. Over the past year, Facebook’s popularity has skyrocketed while Google is experiencing a gradual decline.

Facebook dominated Google as the most visited site at least five different times this year, mostly on weekends when visits to social networking sites tend to increase. Nevertheless, this is a great sign for Facebook and a disaster for Google. Perhaps Facebook might eventually overtake Google in other countries too…

For more information:

AllFacebook, “Facebook Surpasses All Google Properties In Brazil” – click here

ZDNet, “Facebook passes Google as top site in Brazil, for now” – click here

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Huge Fine Against Google For Violating Privacy Is Imminent

The other day the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a strongly worded report condemning Google’s privacy violations and the company’s deliberate obstruction of an investigation into the gathering of sensitive data off personal computers. 

The FCC was deeply disturbed by what Google did but they’re hands were pretty much tied and couldn’t take serious action against Google. The federal agency fined Google $25,000 for impeding their investigation and they said what Google did was technically not illegal. According to PCWorld, this is because the laws are not up-to-date with technology. What Google did was obviously an invasion of privacy and SHOULD be illegal but Google seems to have gotten away scot-free because there aren’t laws that protect Americans from criminals who steal their personal data off unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.

Anyway, I came across an article yesterday by the Mercury News stating that Google is about to be hit hard by another federal agency, this time it’s the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). As you all should already know, the FTC has been in the middle of conducting their investigation on Google’s illegal circumvention of Apple’s Safari Web browser.

The Wall Street Journal exposed Google back in February for deliberately bypassing the privacy and security settings of Safari users. Apple set the default setting on its Safari browser to maximum security to protect their users from tracking companies – Google hated this and used a secret code to bypass this security setting. This exposed millions of Safari users to tracking for months without them every knowing about it. Immediately after the Journal released their story several lawsuits against Google popped up.

Now, according to the Mercury News, the major fine against Google is imminent. The newspaper spoke to a source who says that the FTC will take action against Google within a month. The FTC already has a consent order against Google which was put in place late last year. Google violated the privacy of their users when they launched their failed social networking tool called “Buzz”. After an investigation, Google agreed to a settlement that would require the company to regularly submit a compliance report to the FTC and they agreed to two decades of close monitoring from the FTC.  Google also promised never to violate the privacy of their users or any company’s users – evidently they couldn’t keep their promise.

Google faces a fine of $16,000 per violation per day. There were millions of Apple users affected and victimized by this invasion of privacy so you can imagine that the fine could be colossal. Let’s hope the FTC puts Google in its place and hits them hard – Google definitely deserves it.

For more information:

PCWorld, “Google Says Snooping on Wi-Fi Networks Isn’t Illegal” – click here

Mercury News, “Google target of new federal privacy probe” – click here

Computerworld, “Privacy watchdog, lawmaker push for Google probe” – click here

The Register, “Google faces WHOPPING FTC fine for Safari privacy gaffe” – click here

The Hill, “FTC official: Sharing on social sites ‘can’t be forced’” – click here

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